Applications for Funding from the Community Fund 
Update -30th August 2021
2021 Grant Applications are now open via the link at bottom of this page. Please note that closing date is October 31st 2021 (10pm).

The funding is made up of two components: 
1. A generous donation of £7,500 provided by Festival Republic, and 
2. The sale of 250 Leeds Festival tickets to local residents heavily discounted by Festival Republic for residents only

Total funds are thus limited to £18,500 per year. Although this is a generous annual contribution to our community, it must first cover any losses from the festival shuttle bus service, and thereafter cover as many applications as possible from the entire parish. Please bear this total in mind when submitting your application. 

Terms and conditions

· Applications can only be accepted from Barwick-in-Elmet and Scholes parish village clubs, groups, associations, organisations or committees. 

· Any applicant who is/are deemed by the committee to be operating as a profit-making organisation will not be considered.

· Retrospective requests for funding (expenditure already made) will not be considered.

· No funding shall be given for membership fees, account fees, subscription fees, subsistence or other such regular or annual payments.

· Applications will only be considered if the proposed use of funding is clearly specified and if the granted funds will be used for that sole purpose. The Committee may request details that the grant has been appropriated in accordance with the application. 

· Applications will not be considered from any club, group, association, organisation or committee that successfully applied for a grant from the Barwick-in-Elmet and Scholes Community Fund the previous year. 

· As part of your application, you may be invited for an interview with the Committee, asked to provide further information or otherwise asked to demonstrate the purpose of your application.

· The Committee reserve the right to decide the method of fulfilment of the award. e.g. purchase instead of cash payment.

· Late submissions will not be accepted.

· The decision of the Committee is final and not subject to appeal.

· A list of successful and unsuccessful applications will be published on the Community Fund Website.

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms and conditions. If you are an existing group, if you wish to start a new group, or if you simply have a great idea to benefit the community, you are welcome to apply for a grant. Application forms are published during the summer of each year, whereafter the closing date for applications is the 31st of October every year. Successful applicants are notified by the 31st of January the following year with all grants awarded in February/March..
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Closing date for applications is October 31st 2021 (10pm)  30 Aug 2021, 05:44 Raymond Budd