Further Information and Contacts
To help with any questions that you may have about Leeds Festival, resident ticket collections or the processes regarding the allocation of resident tickets and community grants, we have put together some useful external web sites, a list of FAQs and some relevant information below. If you can't find what you need then get in touch with us - our contact details are below.

Note: The Community Fund is independent of the Parish Council so please do not contact the Parish Clerk. Thanks!

Useful Links
Leeds Festival official web site - http://www.leedsfestival.com/
Festival Republic web site - http://www.festivalrepublic.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Collections

How do I collect my ticket?
For 2022 all tickets will be emailed directly by the promoters to resident ticket holders.

Shuttle Bus

Each year the Community Fund run a shuttle bus from one point in each of Barwick and Scholes to the purple gate. Note that due to Department of Transport guidelines, this service is strictly for resident ticket holders only.

Bus tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets will be available for sale alongside the ticket collections (as detailed above). They will be sold on a first come, first served basis, whereby a set number of tickets will be available.

A timetable is available on the Festival Shuttle page, however for guidance the last bus will leave the yellow gate around 45 mins after the main stage headline act on each day.

Please note that this service is provided for the benefit of residents who attend the festival, and is being subsidised by the Community Fund. We politely request that you respect your fellow residents when using the service and reciprocate the good faith in which it is being offered.

Car Parking

Guest Car Parking is available to pass holders for the purple zone, these are issued with your e-ticket.

Pedestrian Access

There is no pedestrian access to Leeds Festival. Barwick-in-Elmet and Scholes Community Fund, Festival Republic and Barwick-in-Elmet and Scholes Parish Council advise against walking. In particular it is extremely dangerous walking along the lanes around the site, either to attend or leave the festival, as there are no verges, no lighting and the bends and layout of the road make it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians.

You are fully responsible for your own safety should you chose to ignore this advice and walk along the public highway

Prohibited items on site

For a list of prohibited items onsite, please see  www.leedsfestival.com – please note in particular that no glass, gas canisters or aerosols are allowed onsite.

Please also note the Guest Area is part of the licensed site which means that no alcohol for personal consumption can be taken through into the Guest Area at any time, just as you would not expect to be able to take your own alcohol into a licensed nightclub. In previous years this has not been enforced correctly on the gate leading some residents to assume that it is allowed. However this is against  the terms of the site premises licence and will be enforced strictly. Alcohol for personal consumption is allowed in the Guest Campsite. 

Community Fund Contacts

If you have any further questions regarding anything that we do, please contact the Community Fund:
Leeds Festival resident ticket queries – tickets@bandscf.org.uk
Community Fund grant queries – grants@bandscf.org.uk
Community Fund Vice Chairman – Raymond Budd (raymond@bandscf.org.uk)
Community Fund Secretary – Sally Daly (sally@bandscf.org.uk)