Full List of 2012 Grants

2012 Year Totals

Total number of awards granted 2012 - 19 (of 21 applications)

Total monetary value requested 2012 - £53,996.87

Total value of awards granted 2012 - £15,516.89

Running total of all years combined - £20,195.89

2012 Ticket sales revenue generated - £10,040.00

2012 Festival Republic donation  -£7,500.00

2012 Approved Grant Applications


Scholes Playgroup

Requested: £300.00

Awarded: £300.00

For the replacement of toys as many are old, worn and were second-hand when acquired.

Also for the creation of a messy/creative area.



Scholes Village Hall

Requested: £1,900.00

Awarded: £1,256.92

For the purchase of table tennis facilities

Provision of PA equipment for those hiring the hall also for use during the gala and other fundraising events – equipment is currently hired for these events.

A further request was made for new gazebos for use at the gala and other fundraising events to replace existing 20-year-old stock. However the Parish Council own gazebos for such community use which would be made available to the village hall making the requirement for its own stock redundant.



Barwick Miners Institute

Requested: £639.89

Awarded: £639.89

For the supply and installation of one night storage heater on the first floor.



Barwick-in-Elmet Historical Society

Requested: £520.00

Awarded: £520.00

Cleaning and conservation of an 1847 Ordnance Survey map of Barwick and surroundings, and scanning of the map onto a DVD to be provided to Primary and Secondary schools attended by pupils from the area.



Barwick-in-Elmet Cub Scouts

Requested: £530.00

Awarded: £418.00

Taking the Cub Scouts to the Web Adventure Park in York.

Funds for lunches was also requested but the committee felt that parents should cover food costs.



Barwick-in-Elmet Beaver Scouts

Requested: £713.00

Awarded: £713.00

Christmas 2013 outing to Whitby and a trip on the Santa Special steam train



Barwick-in-Elmet Baby & Toddler Group

Requested: £293.94

Awarded: £293.94

For purchase of pre-school musical instruments to accompany ‘song time’ a structured 15-20 minutes in each session. This pays for musical treasure chest, mini shakers, lollipop drum, fun tile piano and music centre table.



Scholes Bowling Club

Requested: £80.00

Awarded: £80.00

Purchase of 2 Fire Extinguishers (1 water + 1 powder) + signs



Scholes Community Care

Requested: £200.00

Awarded: £200.00

2013 Christmas party to include buffet, present from Father Christmas in an enjoyable and lively environment.



1st Barwick Guides and Brownies

Requested: £150.00

Awarded: £100.00

Taster session of African drumming and dance.

An additional £50 was requested as a “contingency” for transport costs which was not granted.



Scholes Social Club

Requested: £150.00

Awarded: £150.00

Christmas 2013 dinner for all of the residents in the sheltered housing complex



Scholes Social Club

Requested: £200.00

Awarded: £200.00

A contribution towards a total cost of £400, for a coach trip out to the coast plus a meal out



Scholes In Bloom

Requested: £800.00

Awarded: £800.00

Funding for purchase of a new notice board which would enhance the village and increase the chances of an award.



Friends Of Barwick School

Requested: £3,000.00

Awarded: £3,000.00

Funding towards the purchase and construction of a musical bandstand with a spectator area outdoors within the school grounds. This would be available for use by pre-school children and all community groups using school premises  (Rainbows, Cubs, Brownies etc).

Note the £3000 grant is a contribution towards the total project cost of £5300.



Art for Barwick Children

Requested: £2,186.10

Awarded: £2,186.10

Work with Billy Hickling, frontline performer of STOMP, and Simon McGrath, musician, composer, producer, lecturer at Leeds College of Music, to provide high quality junk and body percussion workshops to local children, includes creating and recording music, visiting a recording studio and performing the work at the school concert and summer fete.

Note the £2186.10 grant is a contribution towards the total project cost of £3881.10.



Barwick Bowling Club

Requested: £2,117.00

Awarded: £1,535.00

Materials to repair and upgrade the pavilion and unsafe visitor centre.

Additional funds for a kitchen upgrade were requested but the committee prioritised the requests which were more urgent, and invites a further application next year.



1st Scholes Scout Group

Requested: £4,073.94

Awarded: £2,780.00

£2780 awarded for the purchase of new tables and benches since the condition/age of the existing tables and benches are starting to raise health and safety issues.

A further request was made for £1293.94 towards the purchase of new tents which was not granted. However, arrangements are being made for the scout group to have festival site access at the end of the festival at which point they are welcome to keep any unwanted camping equipment remaining on site. The scout group are welcome to make future applications to the community fund.


Scholes Village Show Group

Requested: £350.00

Awarded: £350.00

For the printing of schedules and other publicity for the 2013 Village Show.

For the purchase of display boards to publicise the show and display items during the show.


2012 Declined Grant Applications


Scholes Cricket Club

Requested: £24,793

Awarded: £0.00

A major refurbishment of the clubhouse to include replacement roof, rewiring, refurbished toilet and shower area, new ceilings and floors plus decorating inside and out.

The grant request was too great for the Community Fund to assist in a single submission. We would like to help the cricket club if funding can be broken down into more sources and smaller applications made to us.


Barwick in Elmet Maypole Trust Committee

Requested: £11,000

Awarded: £0.00

(a) Stage and structural equipment to facilitate ceremonial, performance presentations and new musical and social events that the whole village can enjoy; (b) Marquee to facilitate hospitality for music/dance performers and invited guests; (c) Additional pumps and equipment to extend and improve the Beer Festival facilities.

The grant request was too great for the Community Fund to assist in a single submission. We would like to help to ensure that the 2014 maypole festival is a success and have invited a more achievable application in 2013.