Full List of 2013 Grants

2013 Year Totals

Total number of awards granted 2013 - 14 (of 18 applications)

Total monetary value requested 2013 - £34,786.91

Total value of awards granted 2013 - £18,010.60

Running total of all years combined - £38,206.49

2013 Ticket sales revenue generated - £9,840.00

2013 Festival Republic donation  -£7,500.00

2013 Approved Grant Applications


Scholes Social Club

Requested: £1,200.00

Awarded: £600.00

The application specified 3 separate events, which required funding; Meal Out and Theatre Trip (£300), Summer Day Trip (£300) and Christmas Dinner (£600).

The committee wished to fund these worthwhile events, but weren’t able to provide for all three.



Barwick & Scholes Royal British Legion

Requested: £1,056.60

Awarded: £1,056.60

For the purchase of a British Legion branded gazebo and advertising banners/flags. As 2014 is the centenary of the First World War, the RBL have substantial plans to fundraise during the year. By attending more local events the branch will raise awareness of their work and the extent to which they can support the ‘forces family’.



Scholes Community Care

Requested: £200.00

Awarded: £200.00

Scholes Community Care wish to take the residents on a day trip to Tong Garden Centre. The fund will not only pay for the coach but also for afternoon tea at the garden centre.



Scholes Women’s Institute

Requested: £750.00

Awarded: £750.00

Scholes WI will this year be celebrating 90-years since the Women’s Institute was created. This grant will contribute half of the costs towards transportation, a meal out and afternoon tea for all members.



Scholes in Bloom

Requested: £1,454.95

Awarded: £1,300.00

Scholes in Bloom do great work at making the village look attractive for all of its residents. This grant will allow them to purchase a new bench and planter for the village, to enrich the lives of all villagers.



Friends of Barwick School

Requested: £5,000.00

Awarded: £2,500.00

Barwick School are currently fundraising towards creating an Agile Learning Space within the School, with around £35,000 required in total. Substantial fundraising has been demonstrated on their part and as such the Committee wished to contribute to their efforts.



Barwick Village Hall

Requested: £2,214.00

Awarded: £2,214.00

For the purchase and installation of a fixed PA system.



Scholes Cricket Club

Requested: £3,164.00

Awarded: £1,000.00

The application requested funding for 3 elements of ground keeping equipment (Scarifier, Dense Brush & Cutter Cassettes). The £1000 contribution will fund the Scarifier element.



Barwick-in-Elmet Cricket Club

Requested: £2,000.00

Awarded: £1,000.00

The Cricket Club is currently investing in new practice facilities. A £2000 application was made towards funding a new bowling machine as a part of this facility. The committee recognises the fundraising efforts made by the club and its substantial junior section and wish to make a £1000 contribution



Barwick-in-Elmet Maypole Trust

Requested: £3,500.00

Awarded: £3,500.00

Since 2014 is a maypole year, the Community Fund wish to support the maypole trust with their aim “maintain the tradition of the Barwick-in-Elmet Maypole for the enjoyment of current and future generations“.

The maypole trust demonstrated substantial fundraising efforts since the last maypole event in 2011 to achieve their aims. Additionally the Community Fund recognise that the maypole festival is a triennial event and wishes to reflect this in this years awards.



1st Barwick Brownies

Requested: £240.00

Awarded: £240.00

Funding towards Brownies attendance of the “Big Brownie Birthday Starquest” in May 2014.



Friends of Scholes Primary (FOSP)

Requested: £3,594.00

Awarded: £2,500.00

Scholes Primary School are currently fundraising towards new staging, lighting and PA systems in the hall.

The £2500 award will fund the purchase and installation of the PA element.



Barwick Tennis Club

Requested: £5,587.20

Awarded: £900.00

To wash down and repaint the tennis courts. The project costs were broken down into several parts, with the wash down costing £900. The tennis club demonstrated its own fundraising efforts towards the project, which is recognised by the Community Fund.



Scholes Playgroup

Requested: £600.00

Awarded: £250.00

For the purchase of outdoor and sensory / multicultural toys. The Community Fund will also be providing guidance to Scholes Playgroup on other grants available for the purchase of sensory & multicultural toys.


2013 Declined Grant Applications


Barwick Miners Institute

Requested: £693.00

Awarded: £0.00

An application was made for a new carpet for the upstairs Snooker Room. This was declined by the committee on the basis of the limited club membership and that the Miners Institute had previously been awarded funding by the Community Fund in 2012 for new storage heating.



1st Scholes Scout Group

Requested: £1,485.16

Awarded: £0.00

For the funding of Archery Equipment and volunteer training. The Committee were unable grant this award on the basis of the potential limited usage of the equipment. Combined with other factors of other higher priority applications and the grant awarded to the Scout Group last year.



Barwick Scout Group

Requested: £1,500.00

Awarded: £0.00

For the purchase of camping equipment. Whilst the Community Fund recognise the contribution the Beaver/Scout group make to the Community as a whole. Given the nature of applications made this year, we are unable to fulfil this request.



Scholes Village Show

Requested: £548.00

Awarded: £0.00

Requested for the printing costs for this years show. The applicant was unable to demonstrate substantive fundraising efforts to achieve the aims. As such given that there were higher priority applications this year and that the show was awarded £350 in 2012, this years application was declined.