Leeds Festival Residents' Shuttle Bus Information

We do not yet know if we will be able to run a shuttle bus for the 2021 festival, due to COVID-19 safety concerns. We shall update this page when we know more.

Many festival-goers from within the parish asked us to provide a residents' shuttle bus service between the two villages and the Leeds Festival site. Arranging such a service proved to be extremely challenging, but in 2013 we persisted and ran a hugely successful service (at a loss, unfortunately). Each year we fine tune the service that we offer, based on lessons learned, and we also welcome any feedback you may wish to pass on to us. We will continue this service for as long as it is viable and so long as it doesn't get abused.

We would like to emphasise a few points:
• None of us do this for a living, but we offer our best efforts to get it right. If we do get anything wrong then please don't be too hard on us!
• Due to Department of Transport guidelines, this service is strictly for resident ticket holders only.
Bus tickets must be purchased in advance. They will be available to purchase on festival ticket collection day, alongside Leeds Festival ticket collections.
• Bus tickets are sold strictly on a first come, first served basis.
• This service is being subsidised by the Community Fund to keep the cost of each ticket to a minimum, though we will still need to charge a small fee.
• The service is provided by a professional bus operator that is not in any way connected to the Community Fund. 
• The timetable below has been painstakingly constructed to maximise seat availability at the best times, but at a sensible cost.

Bus tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets will be available for sale at a subsidised rate of £3.00 per single journey. Bus tickets will be available alongside general ticket collections at Barwick Village Hall. They shall be sold at a separate table within the Village Hall so please expect to queue twice (briefly).

They will be sold on a first come, first served basis, whereby a set number of tickets will be available. Please be advised that you will not be allowed onto ANY of the bus services without a ticket. 

Shuttle Bus Timetable for 2019

The service will run on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival, and will run between the villages and the festival Purple Zone via the Blue Gate.

Collection / Drop Off Points 
Barwick-in-Elmet ‒ Barwick Stores / Maypole
Scholes ‒ Scholes Library 
Leeds Festival site - Purple Zone (accessed via Blue Gate)


Departure times are as follows:

Service                Scholes              Barwick              Arrive (Purple Zone)

  1                          13:00                   13:15                   13:45     

  2                          14:30                   14:45                   15:15          

  3                          16:15                   16:30                   17:00

Departure times from the Purple Zone back to the villages are as follows:

      21:45      23:45

We politely request that you respect the local residents when using the service and reciprocate the good faith in which it is being offered.